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Allan Juhl, CEO, Emento
Allan Juhl
Klaus Veng, Produkt Direktør, Emento
Klaus Veng
Director of Product/Innovation
Trine Hynkemejer, kunde/leveranchechef, Emento
Trine Hynkemejer
Chris Roelsgaard, CTO, Emento
Chris Roelsgaard


Firmainvest A/S
Emento Invest A/S
Jøhl & Søn Holding ApS


Thomas Bruno Pedersen
Thomas Bruno Pedersen
Joined 18.01 2016
Other positions of trust

Chairman of the Board of Directors of JensenLED International A/S, Jensen LED Holding A/S, Jensen IP A/S, Speak A/S, Liso Logistics A/S, PBC A/S, Dams Have ApS, Lector ApS

Board member of Cornerstone II A/S, Cornerstone properties Germany Holding A/S, Firmainvest Holding A/S, Firmainvest A/S

Lars Engell Friis
Lars Engell Friis
Member of the Board
Joined 27.11 2018
Director of Engell Invest ApS and Furnitex ApS
Other positions of trust

Chairman of the Board of Directors of MH-O&Co A/S, Aros Private Equity I A/S and Gurli og Hans Engell Friis' Fond.

Board member of Cornerstone II A/S and Cornerstone Properties Germany Holding ApS.

Lars Engell Friis
Jørgen Schøler Kristensen
Member of the Board
Joined 27.03 2023
Chairman of the Danish Medicines Council and former healthcare executive
Former professions:

Jørgen has held leadership roles in the Danish healthcare system for decades, most recently as CEO of the Central Denmark Region and then as medical director at Aarhus University Hospital and Horsens Regional Hospital.

Jørgen is a trained specialist in internal medicine and hematology at Aarhus University.

Troels Kryger Aggerholm
Troels Kryger Aggerholm
Member of the Board
Joined 18.01 2016
Investment Manager, Firmainvest A/S
Other positions of trust

Board member in Speak A/S, Liso Logistics A/S, Dams Have ApS, Kryger Invest A/S

Mikkel Bech
Mikkel Bech
Member of the Board
Joined 22.12 2015
Partner and Founder, Emento

Mikkel is the founder of Emento and has previously co-founded several successful startups.

From his background in Computer Science and experience in growing small businesses, Mikkel has extensive experience in designing and building products that make a difference

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