Privacy policy

The privacy policy concerns all other personal information collected without the use of cookies. Collection and handling of these data is regulated by the General Data Protection Regulation.

1. Cookie policy

1.1. Introduction

When you visit the Emento websites, information about you is collected through cookies and used to adjust and improve Emento’s content and the overall experience on our websites. If you do not want us to collect this information, you should delete your cookies. In section 1.3. you find a guide on how to – totally or partially – avoid cookies and delete cookies which has already been connected to you.

Emento owns and publishes the following websites:

1.2. Cookie storage

Some cookies are deleted right after you leave our site, while others live for a longer time period. Most cookies have a lifespan of 12-24 months. Every time you revisit our website, the period is extended.

1.3. Avoid cookies

If you wish to avoid cookies, you can block all cookies, delete existing cookies or receive warnings before a cookie is saved. Click on the relevant browser for a guide on how to set this.

You can always use the help-function in your browser to get more information about cookie settings. You can usually do that by typing F1. Search for “cookies”.

1.4. How we use cookies

We use cookies to give users the most optimal experience on our website and to target our marketing.

When you visit Emento websites, information is collected that analyse your device and adapts the view of the website (e.g. you will be shown the mobile site when visiting the website from your smartphone), analyse the length of your visit and other information which helps us improve your experience and gives us knowledge, we can use to adjust and improve the websites content and design.  

We use Google Analytics, which place cookies to collect statistics about use – but not the users. We place a cookie which tells the site whether your browser is able to read javascript or not. We also use Google Analytics to collect statistics about user behavior and monitor the performance of our content.

Similarly, we use cookies for marketing purposes.

We use cookies from collaborators (third party cookies). We use anonymised data in our analyses, but third parties may also have collected personal information.  

Cookies & third parties Purpose
HubSpot Marketing
Google Adwords Marketing
Google Tag Manager Traffic monitoring
Google Universal Analytics Operation & Traffic monitoring
LinkedIn Tag Manager Traffic monitoring

You can opt out of Google Analytics here:

Remember, if you opt out of cookies, you loose many of the user friendly benefits. E.g. the site will not be able to remember the information, you would like to send to us.