Designing care 2025

Healthcare anno 2025 is many things. One important part of the transformation is definitely enabling the healthcare providers to better support the patients in those critical situations, when they are sick and trying to get a clear and smooth flow of accurate information. To enable this transformation the patients need a way to easy access the relevant information at the right time in their treatment process and the healthcare providers need a platform to support this information flow.

3 years ago the initiating thoughts around creating such a transforming communication approach was started at Aarhus University Hospital (AUH) in Denmark and here at Emento. Now the dedicated Emento team and collaboration partners of AUH have succeed designing and building an enterprise platform and a patient centered app that makes ongoing and timely information from the healthcare providers to the patients possible.

Sharing is caring

Part of the Emento philosophy is sharing and caring. We want to share our own and our customers best practices and knowledge in order to speed up the transformation of the healthcare sector.

Therefore, my colleagues and co-founders of Emento, Mikkel Bech and Klaus Veng are spending this week teaching medical students at Aarhus University how to work with innovation and design thinking in Healthcare. And primo november Allan Juhl, CEO of Emento will participate in the “Care 2025” conference in Hamburg to discuss the transformation of care delivery and how patient centered information and communication is a key factor in improving quality of life for patients.

Cadeu to danish healthcare innovation

The “Care 2025” Conference is initiated by the Global Clinical+Care Coordination Forum, which is a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration between academia, politics and industry with the aim of designing care 2025.

In Denmark we do deliver world class healthcare. We also deliver many innovative healthcare solutions. So attending the Care 2025 Conference and having Healthcare Denmark and their patron, Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Denmark present at the event emphasize that danish healthcare really is innovative and world-class.

#TheFutureHealthcare #PatientCenteredCommunication.